Below is a list of the artists you can listen to on and the station(s) on which their music is played.


Adrian Manuel - Christmas
Alexa Willis - Youth Vibe
Alisa Cameron - Gospel Praise
Alisha Dugas - Contemporary & Gospel Praise
Allison Huntley - Youth Vibe
Amalia Sandez - Spanish
Amber and Ashley Fairfield- Youth Vibe
Amber James - Contemporary
Amee Gregory - Southern Praise
Amy Levine - Youth Vibe
Andre Carbo - Contemporary
Andrea Majors - Contemporary
Andrew Fragoso - Contemporary
Andy Ferguson - Contemporary
Andy Vik - Youth Vibe
Apostolic Bible Institute- Bible College Choirs
Ashley Claire Wicker- Youth Vibe
Atlanta West Pentecostal Church- Church Choirs
Bethel Sanctuary Choir - Church Choirs
Bobbie Lively - Kids Praise
Bobbie Shoemake- Classics
Bobby Dewane- Spanish
Body Of Christ Music - Urban Gospel
Bonilla Band - Spanish
Brandon Jones - Youth Vibe
Breanna Presson Batchelor - Youth Vibe
Brett Grubbs - Youth Vibe
Brittani Scott - Contemporary
Brotha Lee - Urban Gospel
Bryan Pound - Youth Vibe
Bryant Quintero - Instrumental
Byron Hypolite - Urban Gospel
Caminantes Del Rey - Spanish
Carl King - ContemporaryCarlos Guerra - Spanish
Carlos Guerra - Spanish
Carlos Pineda - Spanish
Carol Rene Green - Contemporary
Charity Gayle - Contemporary
Charity Hernandez - Kids Praise
Chasing The Light - Youth Vibe
Christ Tabernacle - Church Choirs
Christian Life Center- Bible College Choirs & Church Choirs
Christy and Courtney Ballestero - Kids Praise
Christy Clark - Contemporary
Christy Huntley Ballestero- Contemporary
Clarissa Traub Spite - Contemproary
Clark Walker - Youth Vibe
Cleveland M. Becton - Classics
Convencion Nacional Hispana - Spanish
Cortt Chavis - Youth Vibe
Cory and Jina McCool -Youth Vibe
Courtney Ballestero- Contemporary
Danny Norman- Southern Praise
Dathan Wilson - Youth Vibe and Contemporary
David Hutton - Kids Praise
David Kraft - Southern Praise
Deborah Jones - Gospel Praise
Della Mae Kennedy - Contemporary & Gospel Praise
Denae Joy Abbott - Southern Praise and Christmas
Devin Cunningham - Contemporary
Donna Linville - Southern Praise
Driven - Youth Vibe
Duane Nelson - Instrumental
Eli and Kathy Hernandez - Morning Prayer
Elyshah Narlock - Youth Vibe
Eva - Christmas
Evelyn Marshburn - Contemporary
Ezequiel Orueta - Spanish
Farrah Newton - Contemporary
First UPC Raleigh NC - Church Choirs
FreeWay - Quartets
Gabriela Soto - Spanish
Gary Harding - Instrumental
Gateway College of Evangelism- Bible College Choirs
Greater Lakes Mass Choir - Church Choirs
Greg Hurley- Southern Praise & Contemporary
Gunn Family Band - Christmas
Hanover Drive - Youth Vibe
Hayley Masters- Youth Vibe & Christmas
His Cadence - Youth Vibe and Spanish
Hope Center Church - Church Choirs
IBC Bluegrass Band - Bluegrass
Indiana Bible College- Bible College Choirs
Ivy Mallory- Kids Praise
J. Hugh Rose - Classics
James Roberts - Contemporary
James Wilson - Youth Vibe
Jana Allard- Contemporary
Janet Trout - Southern Praise
Jason and Amber Kear - Contemporary
Jason Davidson - Southern Praise
Jeremy Hart- Southern Praise
Jessica Bounds - Youth Vibe
Jessica Churchill - Kids Praise
Joel Andrus - Contemporary
Joey Austin - Contemporary
Jonathan Dean - Contemporary
Jonathan Ensey - Contemporary
Joni Ayn Clark - Contemporary
Jose Manuel - Spanish
Joy Haney - Southern Praise
Joy McGaar - Contemporary
Kalyx Ballestero - Youth Vibe
Karen Harding- Southern Praise & Contemporary
Kelsey Hicks - Youth Vibe
Kelton French - Southern Praise
Kenneth F. Haney - Southern Praise
Kenny and Donna Johnson - Southern Praise & Bluegrass
Kent Carter - Youth Vibe and Contemporary
Kevin Daniel and Encounter - Youth Vibe
Kim Ballestero- Contemporary
Kingz Kid - Urban Gospel
Kirt and Pam Denney - Contemporary
Kristin Saunders - Contemporary
Kristyn Leigh - Youth Vibe
Krysta Walker - Youth Vibe
Laird Sillimon - Gospel Praise
Larry Carter - Christmas
Lilyfield - Youth Vibe
Lindel Anderson- Morning Prayer & Christmas
Lori Green - Contemporary
Lorna Brittany Macey- Youth Vibe
Luis Lenzi - Instrumental
MaDonna McFall Massey - Southern Praise
Mandy Johnson - Youth Vibe
Mandy McGraw - Youth Vibe
Marcus Theriot - Youth Vibe
Maribel Mendizabal - Spanish
Mark Yandris - Church Choirs & Christmas
Mary Kloepper - Instrumental
May Nalasa-Butler - Youth Vibe
Michael Carlen - Contemporary
Mike Anderson & Christ Church Concert Chorale - Church Choirs
Monica Galvan - Contemporary
More Than Words - Contemporary
Murrell Ewing - Classics
Natalia Benthal - Youth Vibe
Nate Lawrence- Instrumental, Morning Prayer, & Christmas
New Destiny Music Group - Christmas
New Way Quartet - Quartets
Nicole White - Contemporary
Pamela Rentzel - Instrumental
Pilot Roster - Youth Vibe
Priscilla McGruder - Southern Praise
Rev. Arthur Law - Gospel Praise
Richman- Youth Vibe
Rick Phillips - Southern Praise
Rob Greene - Christmas
Robert Akers - Southern Praise
Rolonda Carrington - Contemporary
Ron Rice - Gospel Praise
Ronita Reece - Southern Praise
Ryan Johns - Youth Vibe
Safe House - Contemporary
Sarah Nichols - Contemporary
Savannah McKee - Youth Vibe
Scott and Liane Grant - Contemporary
Shara McKee- Christmas & Contemporary
Sharon Walker- Gospel Praise
Sharron Kay King - Southern Praise
Shenae Andrus - Contemporary
Sherrie Woodward - Contemporary & Words of Hope
Shirley Carson - Gospel Praise
Sonia Martinez- Spanish
Sounds of Joy - Quartets
Staci Morse - Contemporary
Stephanie Hutton- Christmas
Stephen Rivers - Contemporary
Steve Berry - Morning Prayer
Steve Parent- Contemporary
Steve Pixler - Contemporary & Christmas
Tak & Scott - Christmas
Tanner Gray -Youth Vibe
Tate Delana and Meghan Brown - Youth Vibe
Terry Gunn - Instrumental
Texas Bible College- Bible College Choirs
The Haymons - Southern Praise and Christmas
The Bethel Sanctuary Choir - Christmas
The Burkett Sisters - Youth Vibe
The Doorkeepers - Youth Vibe
The Dunaways - Quartets
The Eades Family - Southern Praise
The Eli Kathy Group - Christmas
The Eminence Singers - Southern Praise
The Gardners - Southern Praise
The Gayle Fox Trio- Southern Praise
The Gordon Sisters - Christmas
The Gunn Family Band - Christmas
The Gunns - Quartets
The Hodge Family - Contemporary
The Jacksons - Quartets
The Kingdom Sons - Youth Vibe
The McGruders - Southern Praise
The McKains - Youth Vibe
The New Life Quartet - Quartets
The Pentecostals of Alexandria - Church Choirs
The Pentecostals of Clearwater - Church Choirs
The Pentecostals of Katy - Live - Church Choirs
The Pentecostals of Quinte - Church Choirs
The Shaws - Instrumental
The Urshans - Classics
The Wilbanks - Contemporary
Tiffany Chandler - Youth Vibe
Tim and Lana Chandler- Southern Praise
Tina Textor - Contemporary
Tupelo Children's Mansion - Kids Praise
Upper Room Experience - Southern Praise
Urshan College - Bible College Choirs
W.E.L.L. CED - Urban Gospel
Wendell Jellison - Southern Praise
Woodlawn Sanctuary Choir - Church Choirs
Xample - Youth Vibe
Xiomi Skerbec - Spanish
Yalonda Feiler - Southern Praise
Zach McKenzie - Youth Vibe